Small Claims – Tribunal Advice

Singapore Debt Collection is a long standing debt recovery, credit management and financial legal consultancy firm in Singapore, which has been around for more than ten years. In our time in business, we have served thousands of clients, helping them with various disputes aired before the Small Claims Tribunal (SCT).

The SCT was established in 1985 to arbitrate civil disputes whose amounts are less than S$10,000. While the tribunal does not permit parties bringing petitions or defending to have legal representation during the proceedings, parties that wish to bring claims are at their discretion to hire legal representatives to guide them through the process, from application to hearing and finally once judgment is passed down.

If you have a debtor owing an amount less that S$10,000 and you have unsuccessfully tried to recover it in other ways, consider getting your able legal advisors at Singapore Debt Collection to guide you through to bring the claim before the SCT. Our team has had experience in all aspects of the process, having been in the business of debt collection for so long, and we will guide you towards a speedy settlement of your outstanding amounts.

Our services are not available only during the SCT proceedings. After judgment has been passed in your favor, you can also depend on us to help you enforce the judgment throughout enforcement services and charging order follow-up in order to ensure that the defendant fully complies with the terms of the judgment.

Singapore Debt Collection is the right choice for you whatever the kind of dispute you are facing. We have had experience claiming debts through the SCT for individuals to individuals, individuals to businesses and vice versa, and also for businesses to other businesses. Through our advisory services, we have enjoyed a success rate of more than 90% of all claims brought before the SCT by our clients.

Our success can largely be attributed to the fact that we offer all-round solutions to our clients. Having been in the picture from the time a debt falls overdue, through attempted recovery and finally leading to the SCT proceedings, our team becomes so intimately conversant with every small detail of the case which helps us to prepare our clients’ cases  and train them on how to appear before the tribunal and argue their case.

Our wide range of services, however, does not hamper our performance in any one given task at all. On the contrary, every team operates semi-autonomously through a staff comprised of professionals in the field, with teams consulting one another as the case escalates from one department to the next.

Contact us for tribunal advice and we will help you present a strong case before the SCT to win judgment in your favor.