Legal Services – Skip Tracing Exercises

Skip tracing or debtor tracing services are innovative and advanced services that business owners and personal creditors use to locate people who have deliberately disappeared so that they will not meet their financial obligations. At Singapore Debt Collection, we used advanced methods to identify and locate such persons in order that they can face their financial obligations as required.

Many debtors every year intentionally go underground or missing so that they can try to escape their financial obligations, leaving their creditors suffering losses amounting to hundreds of thousands of Singapore dollars. As a result, attempts made to get in touch with such people bear no fruit without the intervention of professional service providers.

Singapore Debt Collection has the necessary resources and expertise to carry out skip tracing for a variety of reasons. Our clients in the past include law firms looking for defendants of criminal and litigative proceedings, creditors looking for business debtors, individuals trying to find missing persons after disputes among others.

In order to track down such persons, our professional debt collection team in conjunction with our partners in different industries will collect useful information that can develop a trail followed to a successful conclusion resulting in justice for the aggrieved parties.

Singapore Debt Collection’s private investigations team has the skills and experience to revive cold trails and provide locations of missing defendants and debtors. Our PI team has expert training and the implementation of a continuous training program to hone their skills in conducting field searches and interviews that can shed light on the missing person’s whereabouts keep them on their toes.

Our process

In identifying a missing person, we employ the full range of techniques in our arsenal depending on the specific circumstances under which a person went missing. Over the years in our private investigation practice, we have built a very strong network of partners both locally and internationally as well as in governmental and non-governmental sectors whose help we enlist to solve different cases in our hands.

We begin by pursuing known information from where we conduct comprehensive discovery through face to face interviews, phone calls, disguise, research of public and proprietary data banks and other techniques. We follow up on the individual’s presence on social networks over the Internet and use them to construct the person’s frame of mind and possible next move on skipping.

Because of this, we have a success rate of more than 80% for debtor and skip tracing, and our services continue to get better as we handle more cases and carry out our trainings. Contact us today.