Singapore Debt Collection – Portfolio Management

At Singapore Debt Collection, we offer portfolio management services to first and second tier lenders. Through our services, your lending business can enjoy a cost-effective and highly secure model to efficiently manage your outstanding loan accounts.

This frees up your time to concentrate on the more gainful and revenue-building aspects of your business. In fact, you can cut back on your staff and spend less outsourcing the same services to your experienced and highly qualified partners.

Customized services

Singapore Debt Collection offers customized services for every client who approaches us for service. For every client account we have, there is a designated loan account manager in charge of monitoring all activity relating to the account. By dealing with the same person that knows your account details every time you need to, you can receive answers to queries faster as well as resolve any arising matters with a high degree of efficiency.

As per our terms and agreement with the needs of specific clients, we offer the following services related to portfolio management:

  • Carrying out data backups on a daily basis
  • Processing payment transactions from loanees on behalf of your business
  • Managing borrowers in order to take away the headache of dealing with delinquent borrowers
  • We also follow up on defaulters and payments due and in arrears
  • Preparation and presentation of portfolio statements based on a predetermined schedule according to your business needs
  • Handing over any relevant cases to our legal department as need arises
  • Asset recovery services where the loan agreement provides it


Cutting-edge technology

Singapore debt collection is committed to offering all our clients the best service according to their needs. To do so, we have invested in the latest level of technology on the market for effective portfolio management and to deliver the quality of service that we are well known for. Our technological investments include the Loantrac Suite which helps us to effectively manage your business’s clients as well as flexibly deal with arising matters related to management.

The technology includes provisions for creation of workflows, data filing and periodic alerts. Once you are our client, the web portal is accessible anywhere over the internet through your secure username and password. This allows you to see for yourself what’s going with your loanee portfolio anywhere and at any time.

Our technology is backed by a highly qualified team of account managers with decades’ worth of collective experience. In addition, integration of our client account system to the Loan tracking system allows more effective client management, allowing us to provide quality services at all times.

We are wholly responsible for data storage and backup and all associated costs once you hand over your portfolio to us. Contact us today for better management of your business’s most important asset. Singapore Debt Collection never fails.