Personal Debt Collection

Personal debt collection can be a major challenge for many people, mostly because those who are involved are family and friends with whom we have close personal relations. This makes taking any action against them ten times harder because your judgment and abilities are undermined by the fact that you have an emotional connection with them.


Singapore Debt Collection can help you swiftly recover outstanding debts in an affordable manner. We have had more than a decade of experience with debt collection, debt management and various related aspects, and have provided personal debt collection services to thousands of clients. Every one of them has been satisfied with the quality of service that we offered because we aim to uphold ethics, professionalism and trust for all our past and present clientele.

Our reputation in debt collection precedes us, and our repertoire of references comes from individuals who require personal services to businesses of all sizes looking for debt collection partnerships with consumer and corporate debts. Our personal experience dealing with defaulting debtors in different situations has honed our skill and efficiency; therefore we will help you recover outstanding amounts within the shortest time possible.

Professional staff and modern technology

Our team is carefully selected after a rigorous recruitment process. We only employ individuals who have a high sense of professionalism and ethics, which are especially important in personal debt collection. Since you enjoy a close relationship with the debtor, care must be taken to preserve the relationship, making ethics very important in personal debt collection.

Using modern technology, as well as the skills of our staff, we set a high standard in personal debt collection, including services like skip tracing where debtors have disappeared before making good on debts.

Our services are cost effective, since we only charge small percentage of debt amounts recovered. This means that you won’t have to dig into your pocket to pay for our services even when the debt collection process is unsuccessful. We only take from what we get back for you.

Separation of duties

Our personal loans collection department has its own dedicated zone in order to avoid getting our clients lost in between the cracks. When you come to us, we will assign you a dedicated account manager who will take charge of your file and information, supervise and record every effort towards reclaiming your debt.

This means that anytime you call in or visit, you can receive a full update of your file and efforts. Our success rate is over 99% with personal debts because we uphold efficiency and ethics. Call us today with your personal debt and we’ll help you recover it in the shortest possible time.