Legal Services – Mediation Services

Singapore Debt Collection Legal Department also offers profession conciliatory and dispute resolution services through our mediation practice. For many years, we have facilitated thousands of mediations with successful resolutions without seeking out litigation. Our mediation team is comprises of professional lawyers and mediators with a high degree of relevant skills and experience in the mediation of disputes of every kind.

If you need to have any kind of dispute, mediated Singapore Debt Collection is your partner, having the ability to offer commercial, corporate and even personal mediation services. We boast a high success rate of more than 90% of disputes brought to us.

Our success can be attributable to our commitment to offer personalized solutions for personal and corporate mediation according to the circumstances of each party represented at the mediation table. You can contact us to receive a free quote for our services with no obligations whatsoever.

Why go for mediation?

Mediation is encouraged as a voluntary and faster method of conflict resolution where parties can reach a solution that seems fair for all. Therefore, when you leave the table after successful mediation, each party is satisfied with the measures decided on, which means that the parties easily comply with the outcome of mediation.

Litigation is an expensive and time-consuming route for conflict resolution, since the courts system is generally very busy. This means that sometimes your claim can take many months before its hearing and many more before reaching a successful conclusion. In that time, a lot of things could change, and you continue to drain your savings in retaining representation.

The process

Mediation is informal, involving a selected neutral party who understands the matters of law as well as facts of the case. Our mediators will then try to help all parties to air their sides of the story uninterrupted, as well as their own suggestions for how they think they can resolve the conflict.

Drawing from their own suggestions, the mediator then encourages both parties to compromise on their initial positions until they reach a middle ground that seems acceptable. Throughout the process, the mediator remains impartial.

Our mediators have been responsible for successful mediation of legal, family, commercial, workplace and corporate matters in Singapore. If you have a dispute and have been thinking about pursuing legal action, take a step back and try our mediation services for a faster solution, which will bear more fruit as well as provide a cheaper method to resolve conflict. In addition, you get to maintain your relationship with parties involved since you reach the solution amicably rather than forcing it upon a person.