Long-Term Debt Collection Partnership

All businesses need to have a robust debt management strategy and debt collection plan, not only to maintain financial freedom by honoring their own obligations, but also to maintain profitability, which is the main reason for starting a business.

As a growing business in Singapore, knowing how to effectively manage your accounts payable, accounts receivables and long-term debts will help you avoid instances of bad debts and also be able to recover them successfully when they occur.

Accounts receivable management services

However, instead of allocating valuable business resources and you or your employees’ time towards this task, why don’t you let the professional debt collectors handle the task for you? At Singapore Debt Collection, we have established partnerships with many businesses in Singapore, and regionally, to help them with debt collection once accounts receivables have been defaulted on.

You should not wait until you have a huge pile of defaulted accounts to call us. If a debtor has defaulted on your payments, chances are that they have defaulted on payments to other creditors as well, meaning that as time advances, chances of successful recovery are reduced. Even if they do find a way to repay their debts, they will begin with those creditors who were already on their case first, while your debt is left to wait.

With able debt collection partners by your side, you can hand over defaulting debtors to us as soon as they default, according to your own business policy. This way, we can follow up on them while the debt is still fresh and maximize management of your accounts receivable. In addition, our consultation services will be at your disposal, including debt management advice and debtor financial assessment, before giving them credit.

More affordable services

By engaging us on a long-term partnership, not only will your business be able to stay in control of its accounts receivable and ultimately improve cash flow, but you will be able to get our services at even more affordable rates.

Our fees are reduced for long-term partners as opposed to one-time clients, especially because we are in the picture most of the time. The debt collection process does not escalate to a level of complexity that will require special expertise and technologies that come at a higher cost.

For all our partners, we offer the following at all times:

  • Dedicated account managers well versed with the progress of each debtor
  • Ability to view your account status and report at any time
  • Periodic status reports according to a pre-agreed schedule
  • International and online debt collection services at no extra charge
  • Debt management consultancy at more affordable rates

Clearly, there’s no downside to having a reliable partner around when you need a professional and decisive hand to take charge of your accounts receivables. Contact us today and let us help your business grow to its true potential.