Legal Services – Litigation Services

Litigation is the entire process related to taking legal action against an individual or commercial entity. Frequently, when one party has wronged another party and all other avenues of friendly resolutions like mediation and negotiation fail, the parties may present the matter before a court of law in order for a judge to assess the facts of the case and make a ruling regarding how the matter must be resolved.

There are two forms of litigation – civil and criminal ligation. Criminal litigation refers to one initiated by the State after a person has committed an offence classified as a crime. Sometimes, an offence can have both criminal and civil implications. A party initiates civil litigation to arbitrate situations where another party has wronged it and is looking for compensation.

At Singapore Debt Collection, we have an able litigation team that can oversee both criminal as well as civil cases according to the needs of your clients. However, we most often tend to civil litigation pertaining to debt recovery and collection.

If you are intending to bring a lawsuit against a defaulting debtor after you have failed to recover a debt, contact us to represent and guide you through the process. We will help you to win what is your right, and present the case in the best possible light to win a judgment in your favor.

Singapore Debt Collection has represented thousands of clients in civil litigations suits and claims for everything ranging from tenancy disputes and debt recovery to major corporate disputes. Therefore you can rest assured that in our hands you will be well taken care of.

We will provide our services for the entire process even prior to the beginning of the actual litigation. These include delivery of letters of demand and intention to pursue legal action against the defendant. If s/he does not comply, we will file a suit on your behalf and represent you to its ultimate conclusion.

Where judgment is entered on your behalf, you don’t have to look elsewhere to find someone with the authority and knowledge to enforce it on your behalf/ through our enforcement services you can be sure that we will not stop until you have received your judgment in full from the defending party.

Our litigation team is thorough, focus and relentless in the representation of client’s interests and according to the letter of the law. If you are looking for a decisive partner to walk you through your civil proceedings, contact us today.