Singapore Debt Collection – Invoice Discounting

If you run a business and still have cash tied to unpaid invoices, you can take steps to improve your cash flow. Singapore Debt Collection offers invoice discounting services targeted at supply chain businesses. Unpaid invoices can be a huge setback for such businesses since it leads to depravation of funds that would otherwise make up part of your cash flow for proper operations.

Invoice discounting services from Singapore Debt Collection provide a convenient and immediate way to solve this problem. Through invoice discounting, you can sell or assign the unpaid invoices you choose to someone called a discounter. This gives you immediate cash and takes away the headache of chasing after debtors, both of which allow you to manage your business more effectively.

Our approach

The following is a summary of our invoice discounting methodology:

  • The client chooses which invoices they want to discount in exchange for cash and contacts Singapore Debt Collection
  • Our staff evaluates the invoices to decide which invoices can be taken up under the terms provided for invoice discounting
  • Just like you would your normal business, the client is in charge of the sales transaction or provision of commercial service as required
  • The payment invoice from the transaction is in turn presented to the original (non-paying) customer
  • We also require a copy of the same to be submitted to the company for our records. We will in turn pay the pre-agreed sum to the client. The amount is usually settled in a negotiation process before transactions begin, and will be a little smaller than the invoice price
  • When the non-paying customer finally makes a payment for the invoice, this amount goes directly to us

Who qualifies?

According to our terms of agreement, in order for a business to qualify for our invoice discounting services, the following conditions must be met:

  • The annual turnover of the business should be $300,000 or more
  • The business should be willing to sell the invoice to us at a slightly lesser price than its face value
  • The business must submit a valid invoice as it will be subjected to verification
  • The invoices offered for discounting must not have any associated disputes
  • The invoices offered should have been in respect of goods and services that have been fully rendered
  • Invoices must have been issued for less than 90 days at the point of submission for discounting

Our discounting services come with three fees: the discount fees, administration processing fees and payment net value. Call us today if your business qualifies for invoice discounting and let us help you safeguard your cash flows.