International Debt Collection

If you have been in business for a while, then you know something about bad debts and debtors who take their time making repayments once you’ve supplied them with goods and services. All businesses that don’t operate on cash-only basis know this to be true.

If you are a business that offers your products and services outside of Singapore, then you are no stranger to international debts. You send supplies to another country only for their payment to get rejected or delayed along the way, and you have no way of compelling them to pay because they are in another country. What do you do?

The debt collection experts at Singapore Debt Collection we are well conversant with all forms of debt recovery, including international debt recovery. You can leave this unpleasant task to the professionals to maximize your chances of full debt recovery as fast as possible, while you concentrate on the more important aspects of running the business, which should be your main focus.

Regional partnerships

At Singapore Debt Collection, we implement modern technology in debtor tracing, backed by a well-trained team of professional staff to enable us to find debtors wherever they are located by following up on the paper trail.

In addition, we have partnerships with highly reputable debt collection agencies in several countries within the region. We engage their services to ensure that our procedures are more effective and lawful according to the guidelines and laws within the country.

There’s very little you can do on your own to recover a bad debt or compel defaulting debtors to make good on debts. It wastes your time – time that would be far better spent focusing on your core business processes. Engage our highly ethical and professional services to help you recover outstanding accounts in other countries in the region and throughout the world.

Debt collection fairness

At Singapore Debt Collection, we uphold a high standard of ethics and only use lawful procedures for debt collection. To follow up on debtors in other countries, we first find out what their regulations are concerning debt collection and confine our activities only to what is allowed. You won’t hear that your clients have been threatened or antagonized. Our staff treats all debtors with professionalism and courtesy, backed by firmness.

Contact us for additional services related to debt collection including skip tracing, debtor management and appraisals, as well as credit management, among others. Singapore Debt Collection believes that you shouldn’t be exposed to the needless risk of shutting down by your accounts receivable, whether local or otherwise.

We will spare no effort to ensure that your debt is fully recovered, because that’s how we also claim our fees. Contact us today for international debt collection.