Forensic Company Checks and Searches

At Singapore Debt Collection, we offer discreet company searches and forensic services apart from our well known debt recovery and financial advisory services. Due to our experience and expertise in the matter, clients call upon us to offer advice when they are pursuing investments in certain companies, as well as for buyouts, mergers, estate planning, property transfers, winding up orders and other forms of dissolution.

Singapore Debt Collection also offers services relating to forensic searches to identify occurrence of and culprits of white –collar crimes within organizations and companies. These include employee theft, embezzlement of money or company assets, fraud related to securities and bankruptcy as well as executive malfeasance.

Business intelligence

Our financial forensic team here at Singapore Debt Collection draws its data from public records as well as patented databases to which we have access as members or partners. For every client that presents a forensic investigation request, we combine all the information recovered from these various sources such as mining and analysis of texts and various forms of data.

We also use field investigations, accounting and financial expertise and cutting edge technology to draw relationships between large blocks of information that could aid with decision-making, financial planning, investment decisions, negotiations and other goals depending on the client’s needs. Our financial expertise and vast experience gives us the edge over other forensic experts to help you make better decisions.

Due diligence

At Singapore Debt Collection, we also offer forensic services relating to performance of due diligence ahead of major business-to-business transactions like buyouts, mergers and/or acquisitions.

Our investigations relating to these focus on corporate records, financial statements, as well as other important corporate records. We can advise you on the level of accuracy of various representations as well as warranties presented within purchase agreements and the assets and liabilities mentioned under the Disclosure schedule.

The main goal of carrying out due diligence is to unearth and properly examine all material information which can enable our clients to understand the operations and state of affairs of the company being targeted. We pinpoint and address all areas of concern and red flags prior to the transaction in order to decide whether you wish to proceed in light of the facts uncovered or not.

Contact us today for a detailed forensic analysis of your target company, and we will help you make the best decision for yourself and your organization according to your goals.