Singapore Debt Collection – First Party Collections

Improve your cash flow and workflows and save money and time through our robust first party debt collection services

First party collection is a debt collection procedure where the debt collection team joins your business for a while to aid in debt collection using your system and in your name. At Singapore Debt Collection, we have an advanced system that enables us to directly access and communicate with your clients through your system.

The result is a hybrid debt collection process where action stems from your own system, but one that takes advantage of the expertise and skills inherent in our trusted credit management system.

Why us?

  • Our services provide an increase in flexibility for companies so that we can scale action up or down according to what’s needed at the time.
  • You have more reliable service and therefore can rest assured that your accounts receivables are well taken care of, leaving you to manage important aspects of your business.
  • Higher performance due to the benefit of decades of collective experience in a wide variety of debt collection situations. We have a repertoire of tried and tested methodologies to draw from depending on the specific facts of each case.
  • More experience, especially when it comes to dealing with delinquent debtors.

Our approaches

Majority of business owners lack the time or skill to effectively manage outstanding accounts in their receivables journals. Smaller businesses are additionally faced with greater challenge since they may not have an in-house credit management team to deal with the delinquent debtors.

Singapore Debt Collection’s firsthand collection services allow such business owners to be able to focus on the more important aspects of owning and running a business and leave the debt collection to our expert team. Outstanding amounts are a threat to the actual existence of the business, given that they directly contribute to a reduced cash flow which cripples business activities.

It is necessary therefore to have a partner whom you can trust to enhance the performance of your internal credit department where you have one, or offer similar services for less than half of the cost of establishing a team of your own.

Singapore Debt Collection takes time to understand your systems, way of business and policies in order to provide the most effective solutions which are in line with your organizational policies. Our staff members are trained to deal with debtors in a decisive yet polite manner in order to preserve client relationships which are vital to the continued success of your business.

Call us today and let us help you map out your way to continued financial health in the business.