Small Claims – Enforcement services

Singapore Debt Collection has been a leading service provider in all matters related to small claims and the Small Claims Tribunal for over ten years now. If you have a matter that you believe qualifies to be brought to the tribunal, contact your able small claims advisors for results-driven and customer centric enforcement services.

As Singapore Debt Collection, we partner with our clients in order to offer customized and effective small claims enforcement of judgments passed in the Small Claims Tribunal Courts. These include services related to debt collection, asset seizure, among other stipulations provided in your judgments.

Our debt collection services are offered as extensions of your credit assessment and control department according to the policies that you have set up for your business or organizations, as well as personal debt recovery services for individuals according to the judgments of the Tribunal.

Why choose us?

  • Our commissions are very affordable and based on successful collections only; therefore you don’t lose out by having to further invest in our services.
  • We offer small claims litigation, enforcement and debt collection thus you can get an all-round solution from us
  • We have an in-house legal team to offer advise related to matters of the law before you face the SCT
  • We provide skip and debtor tracing as part of our enforcement services where debtors run away
  • Our services are accessible online
  • We offer credit reporting and management services as need arises

Singapore Debt Collection offers dedicated service, and our staff will make every effort to ensure that you get what is rightfully yours according to the judgment that is entered for you. In addition, you can get this whilst minimizing your overhead costs owing to our No Recovery, No Fee policy.

In partnership with our private investigatory team, we can trace the most slippery of debtors through the latest technology. When you come to us, rest assured that your interests will be well taken care of, and that you will gain the justice that is your right according to the ruling of the SCT.

Contact us today with your SCT judgment in your favor and we will direct all our resources towards a speedy enforcement of the same. By engaging our affordable services, you can avoid lengthy and expensive litigative procedures, which are also time consuming, and receive your settlement in the most hassle-free way possible.

Singapore Debt Collection is here to help; call us now!