Small Claims – Debtor Tracing

If you run a business and you have a credit customer who fails to honor their repayment obligation in the time stipulated, your business runs short until the amount is paid up in full. In some cases, business debtors may move away, making it difficult for you as the business to recover your debt due to your limited abilities.

If you have outstanding amounts owed by debtors who have moved to unknown locations, call us today at Singapore Debt Collection. Through our in-house private investigation team, cutting edge tracking technology and partnerships with various institutions inside and outside Singapore, we can help you track down debtors and hopefully recover the maximum amount from what the debtor owes your business or yourself.

Skip tracing process

Our professional and highly discrete private investigation team usually starts by tracing the debtor back to their last known home address. However, if the debtor already left, the business will have likely received their correspondence back, indicating that the debtor has left. We advise our clients to call us in immediately after the first letter bounces back, because debtor tracing gets more difficult as time passes.

Next, the investigator may visit the debtor’s last known place of business in order to find out whether anyone there has information on his whereabouts. Most often, employees leaving a place of employment leave a forwarding address so that they can be contacted as and when need arises. We will try to gain this address and follow up the trail from there.

Where a debtor was not employed, their employer is unknown or they left no forwarding address, our Singapore Debt Collection investigation team will try to contact previous known employers and associates of the debtor to find out what information can be gleaned from them. All known associates of the debtor will be discretely interviewed in a way that doesn’t raise suspicion which might make someone notify the debtor.

Most often, we use face-to-face interviews which are highly effective, but we may use phone calls if the situation calls for it. Through these and other means, we will eventually identify a debtor’s present location, at which point we will attempt to recover your debt through the legal means necessary.

Other services

Singapore Debt Collection can also help your business avoid debtor skipping and maximize the chances of tracing if it happens by advising the business to institute relevant policies. These include getting information and evidence relating to debtors’ home and employment addresses and verifying them prior to giving credit.

Call us today for the most effective debtor tracing services in Singapore.