Corporate Debt Collection

Businesses of all sizes have come under a lot of strain, especially because of prolonged effects after the recession that hit a few years ago. Many businesses had to shut their doors, and more were left struggling with non-payments and bad debts from formerly trusted clients.

These businesses are still facing financial pressure since much of their capital is tied up in outstanding debtor accounts from transactions with individuals and corporate bodies as well. If you are one such business, then Singapore Debt Collection is the best place you could have come to. As a lender, you suffer a severe handicap when your accounts receivables remain unresolved, because these reduce your cash flows and working capital, disabling proper income generation for high profitability.

Don’t risk your business

You cannot sustain business operations effectively without a healthy cash flow. Every new customer that comes in represents a potential increment to your cash flow and ultimately profitability, but this would only happen if such individuals pay up on time. Where debts remain unpaid, you are placing the business in danger of bankruptcy, as well as making management much harder.

This is where your trusted debt collection partners can help you. We take over following up unpaid accounts receivables before they overstay and transition into bad debts. Your chances of recovery are usually better if you begin following early. With our help, you can concentrate on your core competencies, i.e. business administration, instead of wasting valuable time that could have been gainfully redirected towards other tasks.

Singapore Debt Collection has over 10 years experience in corporate debt collection, whether business-to-individual or business-to-business. We are your best chance at making a full and timely recovery of money that’s rightfully yours so that you can preserve your business.

Our approach

In order to provide the highest and most relevant services to our clients, we have an able team of professionals well trained in all aspects of debt recovery. We offer affordable services in order not to increase your expenses any further by charging our fees on the amounts realized after successful debt collection.

On request, we can provide references from the thousands of clients who have benefitted from our services for their businesses. Engaging our team means that, you are assured of only ethical practices applied in the debt collection process. Our team uses firm but professional methods allowed by the law – we won’t threaten your clients, thereby ruining your business relationship with them.

These qualities have helped us enjoy a 99% success rate, even with more difficult cases that involve debtor tracing. Come to us as early as possible to maximize your chances of a timely and complete recovery of outstanding debts through an affordable plan. Singapore Debt Collection is here for you, so call us today!