Singapore Debt Collection – Cash Flow Improvement

How well is your business cash-flow flowing?

Without a healthy stream of cash inflows and outflows, a business cannot maintain operability and register the kind of growth that would enable it to achieve its core business objectives. Every business must have a robust framework to keep track of the business’s outflows and inflows of cash, so that if a critical situation arises, the business has enough resources to cover it and still continue with normal operations.

In order to have a healthy cash flow, your business must have a robust management approach for measurement, monitoring and taking action according to what is required. At Singapore Debt Collection, we offer consultancy and outsourced services that can help your business improve the cash inflows and regulate cash outflows in order to maintain a healthy working capital balance.

Our services include measurement and analysis of current systems, advisory for the improvement of accounts receivable, first and third party debt collection and debtor follow-up services as well as creation of an emergency fund to enable the business withstand any cash flow outages.

Cash flow measurement

This is concerned with maintaining accurate records of who owes the business how much and when it falls due. Through our efficient tracking system, we will help you identify slow-paying customers for further action according to the state of their accounts. By early interventions, such debts can be paid up much earlier to reduce the risk of their turning into bad debts for the business.

In addition, we provide training on how the business can assess its books to determine its cash/credit status at any given point in time, as well as come up with a realistic forecast for the short term in order to cover unexpected happenings.

Receivables management

In association with our debt collection department, we can help you to better manage your receivables account by laying in place strategies that will ensure better cash flow. Such strategies include demand of a percentage of deposit for every credit sale prior to goods/services delivery, financial assessment of new credit clients and setting up an invoice and reminder schedule, according to the payment behavior of a customer.

In addition, we can help you develop policies such as allowing cash discounts for timely payments and accruing interests on non-payments after an allotted period of time.


Through our years of experience in the financial sector, we can help you safeguard your cash flow by redirecting some of your profits towards an emergency fund account. By planning ahead, you can be better prepared for unforeseeable circumstances, and with the business at its best health through our improved cash flow services, you can secure credit much easier if you need to.