Small Claims – Bankruptcy Proceedings

If you are facing bankruptcy proceedings, then you know that it is just about the most difficult financial position to be in. When you are declared bankrupt, you have no say over how your assets are disposed of and how you spend your income. You cannot travel out of the country except with express permission from your court-appointed officer and a sum of your monthly income must go towards the payment of your debts each month.

However, during the proceedings, in order to secure your future and get the best judgment possible, you need the assistance of a qualified bankruptcy legal representative, which is where we at Singapore Debt Collection come in.

Effective legal representation

Through our highly effective in-house legal department, we provide legal advice and representation to individuals who are facing bankruptcy. This may be as a result of heavy losses for diverse reasons, and our aim is to protect your interests. If bankruptcy proceedings have been initiated against you by your creditors, contact us to ensure that you are well represented.

Our legal representatives will help you understand the legal implications and procedures taking place throughout the proceedings. They will also carefully read through any legal documents that you are required to sign in order to ensure that you fully comprehend what you are getting yourself into.

In addition, through our legal representatives and financial services team, we can help you with the necessary quantification of earnings, debts and other financial obligations, payment structures as well as all your assets in order to ensure that you receive the best value to shorten your discharge period.

Submitting the initial bankruptcy claim is only the beginning; you need specialized services for the rest of the process, and to protect your interests. Most likely, you creditors will have qualified legal representatives watching out for their interests. It is therefore only right that you should have the same.

Why choose us?

Bankruptcy is an option offered for individuals whose burden of financial liabilities exceeds their net worth, i.e. the value of all their assets. At Singapore Debt Collection, we can help you negotiate proper terms so that you don’t lose your most valued asset – your home. Trying to do everything can only lead to disaster because you are not fully versed with the workings of the court system.

Trust a properly trained legal representative with your case in order to improve your chances of safeguarding your assets and receiving a discharge from bankruptcy soonest possible. Once this is done, we can also help you repair your credit and work your way to a more secure financial future.