Legal Services – Bailiff Services

Singapore Debt Collection is a leading debt recovery, credit management and financial legal advisory firm found in Singapore. We have the experience, expertise and appropriate permissions to perform bailiff services for clients who have all kinds of needs.

Service beyond the expected

As far as hiring bailiff services, goes, it’s important to hire a team that has the relevant experience and expertise backed by knowledge in a variety of debt collection and recovery services. At Singapore Debt Collection, we have the training to offer all services related to the work of a bailiff in order to ensure that you can get your outstanding debts collected and recovered in an effective and timely manner.

Regardless of the circumstances under which the debt was born or incurred, we will help you through pursuit of legal measures to collect outstanding amounts, which are vital to your continued operations as an individual or business.

Our bailiff team has the training and ability to offer services that go far beyond the kind of service you will get from average debt collection agencies. If you have a debt that has been a thorn in your flesh, which nobody else feels they have ability to handle, contact our team and we will take care of it within the shortest time possible and in adherence with the law and your policies as a business owner.

Why us?

Through concerted effort between various players and partnerships, Singapore Debt Collection can boast a success rate of over 95% of debts handed over to us, as well as thousands of satisfied customers whose personal lives and businesses have benefitted as a result of our legal advisory services.

As a team, we are committed to offering excellent service by being efficient and highly effective while upholding our client’s business relationships, which are important especially for on-going businesses. These are no longer the days when you could only contract bailiff services to tend to unpaid fines or repossession of assets.

You can look to our team if you want writs and warrants delivered, as well as any other paperwork that needs serving on your behalf. In addition, we offer reliable services related to collection of traffic fines as well as favorable judgments from the SCT on your behalf as a client.

It doesn’t end with that; both individuals and businesses can contact us for assistance with the more difficult aspects of debt collection including winding up orders, charging orders, debtor tracing as well as bankruptcy proceedings according to our Small Claims Tribunal advisory services.

Call us today and let us help you with whatever you need.