Singapore Debt Collection – Account Management Services

As a business in Singapore, you have at one point or other sought financing from different sources in order to accomplish some business objective or other. When the need arises, it is common for borrowers to try and source for finances from a number of sources simultaneously to increase their chances of a positive outcome.

This can be a nightmare for lending institutions because it makes effective evaluation of the risk associated with a particular borrower more difficult. There may be little evidence of the potential debtor’s financial history because of the multiple credit sources to which the debtor has access.

This same scenario not only applies to credit institutions, but also to businesses that provide credit services to consumers. In fact, the risk is greatly increased since businesses may not have access to the tracking information that mainstream lenders have. Also, there’s no way of knowing whether a potential client has incurred debt with other suppliers in the past which they have dishonored.

This means that businesses need to have an account management partner to help them level the playing field. At Singapore Debt Collection, we serve credit organizations, lenders as well as businesses that have provisions for credit sales. Through our database and membership in all credit bureaus, we can help our clients gain access to individuals’ and businesses’ financial history to determine the real risk associated with lending to them.

In addition, we provide monitoring services in order to help our clients effectively track unpaid debts and overdue accounts, including debt collection services as and when need arises. Business owners face a tough task in trying to implement an efficient and effective client account management framework, which is where Singapore Debt Collection comes in.

With years of experience in all aspects of organizational as well as personal credit management under our belt, we can help you bring order to a chaotic accounts receivable account and help you recover any outstanding debts before they are lost forever.

Why us?

Through our services, your business can have a healthy cash flow and maintain financial freedom through the following ways:

  • Offering information necessary to gauge businesses’ and individuals repayment histories with other credit facilities to ward off a potentially risky credit transaction.
  • Provide advisory services regarding findings of the credit checks as well as the accounts receivable monitoring schedule.
  • Providing accurate reports on a timely basis for appropriate decision-making.

Contact us today to set up your accounts managment plan and enjoy a healthy credit/cash balance throughout the life of your business.